VPN routers

Industrial VPN routers Ewon industrial VPN routers combine LAN, WIFI and cellular connection with an intelligent IP router for remote control of both serial and Ethernet-based PLC protocols. Remote monitoring and control mean fewer service trips to your customer. If any values go outside the set parameters, you will be notified by text or e-mail. The routers can also have the option to save log data, and all data that can be sent automatically to your server or SCADA. • Secure VPN connection to PLC/ PC/ HMI over LAN, WIFI or cellular network. • Support many standard PLC protocols, both serial or Ethernet based. • MPI and Profibus connection to PLC. • Ability to manage and log data. • OPC UA and MQTT support • Alarms via text or e-mail. • Easy configuration via web interface. • Mobile APP or web browser access. With an Ewon VPN router installed on your machine, you get full control wherever you are! The Ewon Cosy range give you a easy to set up remote access to any machine all over the world. They also support a limited alarm function. The Flexy is a versatile remote access and datalogging unit, it supports up to 1 million datapoints logging and 2500 alarms, as well as a built-in webserver and scripting possibilities on both Basic and Java. The Netbiter series offer a very easy way to log and visualize machine data. The data is stored in a cloud easily accessible to any one that needs it at anytime.