Ecco Safety

EC4204-SK 4.3" LCD color mirror reversing sensor system

The mirror integrated 4.3” LCD high resolution color monitor included with this kit provides an unobtrusive viewing image and provides both audible and visual obstacle warning. Excellent picture quality is assured even in low light conditions using ECCO’s flush mount color camera. 4 remote ultrasonic proximity sensors are included and the kit is expand able up to 2 cameras.


Ecco Safety

Temperature range


Supply voltage

12VDC; 24VDC

Ecco Safety

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At ECCO, safety is our business. We make products that take care of people, so they can take care of business. That’s why we stand behind them without exception.

ECCO invented the back-up alarm and since then we’ve been innovating them to make your every move safer. Available in a variety of sizes and compliant specifications, back-up alarms from ECCO are easy to install and work without fail.

Feel secure in our expertise - ECCO's performance in real-world conditions is second-to-none and not only makes people feel more secure, it saves lives every day.

From installation to operation, ECCO products are engineered to perform. That means they're easy to understand, straightforward to operate, and convenient to maintain.

ECCO delivers confidence in every aspect - from build quality that inspires trust to building a reputation of professional service and a warranty that's second to none.


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Ecco Safety