Safety Magnetic switches

We offer a large range of magnetic safety sensors. Associated with their respective coded magnet and a controller module capable of monitoring 1 or more « O » contacts (normally open) and/or 1 or more « C » contacts (normally closed) they are conform to the applicable European Directive for machinery safety 2006/42/CEE.

Applications : Designed to protect machine operators when opening protective guards, doors or covers by stopping dangerous movements of the machine. Safety functions performed thanks to :

Tamper-proof : the sensor, associated with its coded magnet, reduces the possibility of tampering ; a standard magnet cannot actuate the sensor.
Redundancy : the components are redundant. If part of the sensor fails, the redundant circuit continues to operate.
Unbalance : associated with a controller module which checks the unbalance of the signals from the sensor, the first fault is signaled if the switches are not actuated in the right order

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