About SCN

SCN, Sensor Control Nordic, is an independent supplier of components and systems within industrial automation. We strive to offer the best product range, the best price/performance ratio, and 100% reliability in logistics. We have extensive experience and considerable technical knowledge about the products we sell, which means we can offer our customers high-quality service. 




Our Vision 

Our vision is to become the leading independent supplier of components and systems to machine builders. Our field of operations covers the entire Nordic region and the UK, and to be close to our customers, we have offices in Stockholm, Malmö, Sundsvall, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Oslo, Tallinn, Birmingham, and Shanghai.


Environment and Quality 

For us, environment and quality are incredibly important, and we are therefore very proud that we are ISO-certified. We have received ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification, which means that we are approved according to ISO standards. We also work hard to achieve our environmental goals, which we see as crucial to our company remaining a key supplier in the future. Please read more about our quality and sustainability goals here.



SCN is part of the Swedish listed technology solution group, Addtech. Addtech consists of 150 independent companies that sell high-tech products and solutions to customers mainly within the manufacturing industry and infrastructure in about 20 countries – with a focus on long-term sustainable growth. SCN therefore has access to a global network of technically innovative partners. Thanks to being part of Addtech, we have the small company's flexibility, flat organization and unbureaucratic attitude, together with the large company's resources, networking and career opportunities.


With Customers in Focus 

Our customer focus lies with medium and large machine builders. To be able to offer our customers top-class service and support, we have chosen to design our product range based on our customers' needs.



Our partners are carefully chosen to fit into our concept, where everyone is a specialist and cost-effective within their area of expertise. Together with them, we have built up a complete and powerful product range, which today consists of different areas; sensors, components, industrial PCs, network products, and control and drive systems. Please read more about our product areas here.