Solid state relays SSR

Solid state relays SSR that, among other things, can be used as overcurrent and short circuit protection. One unit can replace multiple electromechanical switches. These solid state relays SSR can handle loads up to 300A.

These innovative and highly efficient solid state relays (SSR) are used to control all types of loads used in many industries. The three major application areas are industrial heating and temperature control and industrial and/or public lighting control. The modules are micro-computer controlled with integrated FET technology.

Products presenting a resistive load is traditional light bulbs, heaters, and other loads that constitute a resistance.

For other types of loads as capacitive or inductive switching capacity drops to around a quarter of the specified, depending on the actual product, it can drop even more.

Products presenting a capacitive load include electronic transformers, capacitors, etc.

Products constituting an inductive load, for example, conventional transformers, motors, coils, fluorescent lamps with magnetic ballast, etc.

Solid state relays SSR (84)