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Added value


Added value is our way to make your business life easier!


It can be making your machine more productive with specific BIOS settings and software preinstalled on a PC, or a sensor easier to install with correct cable length and connectors straight out of the box.
It can also be your own part number on the product so that service personnel don’t have to spend hours looking for what part it actually is, or even your logo on the front of the HMI to make your product look better.
All of this and more we can do for you, to save time or help you sell more, or both!

Here are some examples on what we do for our customers:
- Co-packing and ”kitting” of several products into one part number.
- Programming of sensors, install straight out of the box.
- BIOS settings, software installations and burn-in test on PCs.
- Mounting connectors on sensor cables.
- Labelling and packaging according to your specific needs.
- Laser marking, label your part number or instructions on products.
- Mechanical adaptations and special design of hardware.


Call us and find out what we can do for you!