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EVAS Electric Vehicle Alert System

Manufactured to IATF/TS 16949 international automotive quality management standards. • IP69K+ environmental sealing (can be jet washed). • Automotive grade EMI/EMC for total reliability in noisy electrical environments. • 12-24v DC and 12-48v DC versions to suit traditional and electric vehicle supplies. • Industry standard J1939 CAN bus interface Custom sound profiles. • Currently available for burn-in during production. • Uploadable via USB/CAN in 2020. • Smooth fade-in and fade-out at upper and lower thresholds of speed range. • Avoids abrupt audio changes and stuttering on marginal speeds. • Master/slave configurations. • Allows use as forward and reverse audio alerts. • Easily expanded over vehicle CAN. • J1939 compatible interface. • Common in bus & coach, car, and truck industry. • Other protocols available on request. • EVAS = Electric Vehicle Alert System. • AVAS = Acoustic Vehicle Alert System. • An audio noise generator to warn pedestrians and cyclists when a nearby quiet electric vehicle is moving. • Designed to comply with UN Regulation 138 “Approval of Quiet Road Transport Vehicles with regard to their reduced audibility”. • Creates a sound when vehicle speed is typically between 0-20km/h. • Pitch and volume rise as speed increases. • Pitch and volume drop as speed decreases. • Connects to vehicle CAN bus for vehicle speed info.


Ecco Safety

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Supply voltage

12VDC; 24VDC; 48V

Ecco Safety

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Ecco Safety