LPC Capsule sliprings

Our compact series capsule slip rings are ideal for applications when larger size version is not applicable. These medium package units have been developed to provide an economical and compact solution for power and signal transfer between static and rotational components. Compact series capsules up to 125 circuits are available. Apart from the medium size advantage, it is featured by its low torque, low electrical noise and tremendous flexibility and stability when integrating with RF (Radio Frequency) or FORJ (Fiber Optical Rotary Joints). Compatible signals: 4K HDMI Gigabit Ethernet USB3.0 LVDS CanBus InterBus DeviceNet ProfiBus CC-Link RS422 Thermocouple PT100 etc...




1; 2; 3; 4; 6; 7; 8; 12; 18; 19; 24; 36

IP code rating

IP54; IP65; IP68


Plastic; Stainless steel

Max operating speed

300 rpm


Current; Signal; Ethernet; LVDS; HDMI; USB; RS; CANBUS

Product sheet



Founded in 1996 Jinpat Electronics is an experienced leader among slip ring companies worldwide.
The slip ring and rotary joint specialist with the broadest range. Manufacturing various industrial slip rings for industrial machinery, surveillance and radar systems, automation, artificial intelligence, aircraft, medical devices, marine equipment, defence, e t c.
With over two decades of research and production experiences, Jinpat collaborated and established strong relationships with multinational companies, research institutions, military departments, prestigious universities, e t c.
In addition, Jinpat provide both standard products and customizations. All products are secured by the quality management system certified by ISO9001:2008.