Components (951)

  • 6786


    Low profile thermostat and 13mm diameter -29°C to 177°C

  • 6TC circuit breaker


    Klixon® single–phase TC devices are the smallest, lightest, high performance aircraft circuit breakers available today. They represent the state-of-the-art protection of today’s aerospace power systems. Their light weight and small size make them especially well suited for aircraft, avionics and electronic systems.

  • 700 Series

    Ecco Safety

    OEM mounting alarm available as self-adjusting back-up alarm, constantly measuring ambient noise and adjusting their sound level.

  • 7270 and 7271 circuit breaker


    Klixon® 7270 and 7271 series circuit breakers were designed to utilize less space behind the panel while protecting wire and cable in aircraft and ground support equipment on 120 VAC, 400 Hz or 30 VDC systems.

  • 7274 circuit breaker


    Klixon® 7274 series are small, lightweight, low amperage devices that are specifically designed to protect aircraft/aerospace cable and components in airborne vehicles and equipment.

  • 7277 circuit breaker


    Klixon® 7277 series is designed for applications that do not require the tighter performance characteristics and approvals of our military circuit breakers. Originally developed as an alternative to slow blow fuses, the trip–free 7277 is used extensively as primary electrical circuit protection on general aviation aircraft.

  • 7BT2


    High Capacity, Environmentally Sealed Thermostats -1°C to 204°C